Sunday, January 28, 2007


I may have submitted my first draft of "Butcherhouse" to Paramount, but the sick part is the waiting.

To hear what they think.

Yes, I felt good about the draft when I submitted it. But my feelings don't really matter much. (Do they ever?) It all comes down to whether or not it ignites enthusiasm.

Words... please don't fail me now.

In any case, I'd like not to dwell on it excessively for a little while because I've got some other writing obligations to clear off.

Some inspiration for my next piece of writing:

Something else I've rediscovered is Dungeons & Dragons. Now, I've never played the actual game and to this day can't wrap my head around how it's played. But I remember the Saturday morning cartoon. It's being re-aired on "Toon Disney". I watched an episode called "Traitor" and was fairly impressed. One of the things that set this show apart was that there was an actual foreseeable conclusion to the story. That didn't even exist in many live-action hour-long dramas in the 80s. And I find it more fascinating that a series finale was actually scripted, if not actually produced.

I think of a good TV series as a long-form drama. Tell me a story spread over 16 hours. Something with an ending.

I'm all over the place with inspiration. When I was a kid, I used to play INFOCOM text adventures. It's how I learned to type. Taught me a bit about writing, as well. I wonder who owns the rights to "Zork" at the hour. I think that's a world worth re-imagining...

Okay, I know this entry's all over the place. I'll come back to all this in a better way.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arden Valley (rots in hell)

I never mention it in the stage version, but the name of the small town that accommodates the Butcherhouse is "Arden Valley". At least, it's in the first draft of the screenplay as that.

What is today? January 25, 2007?

I've just finished the first draft of my screenplay adaptation. I'll be sending it over to Paramount tomorrow.

As much as it's a relief, I've got the excruciating part coming up. The waiting. Waiting to hear if "they" like it enough to move forward with me.

A screenplay's pretty subjective. Give the same screenplay to 5 different directors and you'd end up with 5 pretty different movies. People see things differently.

Some people may not see a movie. Some people may.

I made an honest stab at this, though. Brought as much care and creativity to the table as I could gather up.

Now we see what happens...

Friday, January 12, 2007

Arms Wide Open with the Sea as his Floor...

Who says I don't have writer friends?

"Our Strangest Case" by Tom Sullivan.

"Marshall, Drowning" by Emma Wunsch.

In non-writer news, the terrific Vin Knight is appearing in the new Elevator Repair Service show "No Great Society" at the New York Theater Workshop's 4th Street Theater.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This Is Not For You

The Butcherhouse Chronicles
Chinadoll Overdrive

The Broken-Hearted
Summer of Butchers
All Tomorrow's Butchers
All Goodbyes Should Be Sudden
(Super Nova)
(Carpenter Ward)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Morningstar, Flail or Mace

This is a flail. I had the crazy idea to insert one into my screenplay, so I looked up the proper name for it and apparently it's "flail".

Morningstars and maces are more like clubs. There's no chain element.

"Morningstar Mace" and "Chain Mace" are terms that are used. But it kind of feels like a cheat. And while I like the imagery, the word "flail" seems a bit flimsy. Not terribly evocative. I'd have to put some effort in to make it work.

Clearly, I ain't sleeping regular hours. But it's the fourth of January, and I've got the better of four weeks to keep polishing and building upon my screenplay draft. I'm finally beginning to enjoy it: The writing process and the draft itself. I keep coming up with ideas I'd like to try to cram in. Figure out ways to say something with more elegance and/or economy. Sharpen it up so -- hopefully -- it isn't seen as just another generic horror movie.

I guess I'm just relieved I've got a completed, full-length draft. There's a lot of detail-work it's lacking -- some larger story points I intend to clarify/invent -- but the major beats are there. I've only really started the re-drafting process a few days ago (new year's day), but it's much less nerve-wracking. I'm finding my groove with it. Reminds me of when I was in high school and I'd spend weekends writing these elaborate stories. Just looking at the story and figuring out what would make it clearer, what would make it cooler, what would elevate it...

Possibly a flail. It's called "The Butcherhouse Chronicles" -- people are going to expect a little blood...