Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Rites of June

No one is more frustrated by the obligatory waiting game than I am. Yes, by now, by well before now, I'd hoped I'd be able to announce something.


Alas, for all the work I've put into the past few months, into the past year, I'm rewarded with radio silence. Par for the course but COME ON!!

And now we've got Independence Day coming up, which lands in the middle of the week, and I'm sure everyone's off on fucking holiday travels...

All right. Okay.

These are things we have no control over.

You go down a certain path. You gamble a lot of free time and hard work with no pay with the glimmering hope of getting a return on that investment.

I'm doing the best I can here. We'll see how July plays out. I've begun to exhaust some incredible reserves of patience.