Monday, January 28, 2008

Heath Ledger Has a Posse

Crushing shame we've lost Ledger. He was fascinating to watch. He was going to be fucking huge.

Don't know what the latest verdict is, but it seems that he accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills. He'd been sick with pneumonia and he'd been having trouble sleeping.

I have trouble sleeping sometimes. And I can relate to the desire to steal an afternoon nap to catch up on some shut-eye. I've even got some over-the-counter sleeping pills I've used over the past year.

Is it sad and scary that I can relate to an accidental overdose?

Chris Nolan remembers Heath Ledger.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brad Renfro Has a Posse

Let go, everyone.

Let go... and OBEY.

The word is out.

The word on the fucking street.

I am talking to you. Listen to me. This is the last time you get to hear this before it's too late, so you had better take it to heart.

Brad Renfro Has a Posse.

Obey Brad.

Obey, Brad.


Monday, January 14, 2008

The Midnight Show

First draft of horror spec "The Midnight Show" is now out in the world. Not much can happen with it while the writers strike is going on, of course, but it's done. Out of my system.

There is this blissful high right after finishing something like this, when it feels good. It is very fleeting because the doubts immediately start to creep in.

But we've got to keep moving, don't we?

Now I've got to go back to the older horror script I'd hit a wall with—"Dystopia"—and get it in working, showable order. Once I get that one to the next level, I will feel a lot better. May even "reward" myself by developing that new stage play I've been kicking around forever.

Jesus, I hate this time. How do people ever get ahead? I know these bad times will pass as they always do, and things will get better again.

But I am impatient. And oh so weary of the world...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Genuine Scientific Curiosity

So who will avail themselves of 21st-century sexbots?

Sad cases, for one, people so physically unattractive or anti-social or isolated or emotionally crippled that they have trouble finding human romance. People who love their computers more than their fellows. Hey, they're out there already.

"They're lonely; they're miserable," Levy said. "I think society will be a much better place when they have an alternative that satisfies them without doing any harm to other people."

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


"Francisco, what's the most depraved type of human being?"
"The man without a purpose."

—Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand

New year. Renewed focus.

Back at the day job after a 5 days of mental repair. Five days away, twelve months away, it's always hard to come back.

I wonder where I would be right now if the writer's strike had been averted. Or if it had been resolved sometime in November.

Regardless of "if" games, I'm tethered to my day job now. Forced to listen to uninformed opinions of what the writers ought to be doing. Because if there's one thing that people love to do, it's offer unsolicited fucking opinions.

No fluffy resolutions. Just a determination to be a more productive writer. Circling completion of a new spec script ("Midnight Show"). Plan to finish writing another stage play (the long-gestating "All Goodbyes Should Be Sudden"). I may not be the most prolific writer, but I'm just going to keep my work out there.

It is entirely too easy to forget where you want to end up.