Monday, January 14, 2008

The Midnight Show

First draft of horror spec "The Midnight Show" is now out in the world. Not much can happen with it while the writers strike is going on, of course, but it's done. Out of my system.

There is this blissful high right after finishing something like this, when it feels good. It is very fleeting because the doubts immediately start to creep in.

But we've got to keep moving, don't we?

Now I've got to go back to the older horror script I'd hit a wall with—"Dystopia"—and get it in working, showable order. Once I get that one to the next level, I will feel a lot better. May even "reward" myself by developing that new stage play I've been kicking around forever.

Jesus, I hate this time. How do people ever get ahead? I know these bad times will pass as they always do, and things will get better again.

But I am impatient. And oh so weary of the world...