Saturday, December 01, 2007

In Your Eyes, Your Sorrow Shows

Started writing something brand new. Had to put aside an older project that I was just blocked on. Feels good to be making real progress on something. Can't tell you how frustrating it is trying to crack an old script that's just been clunking around in my drawer for years.

I feel a bit bad putting the other script aside, but these things are all about timing. For right now, I think it'll be easier for me to carve out this totally new script than to try to wrestle with that old one. Sometimes your heart's just not into it.

I think it's the pressure to have a new spec script ready before the writers strike is resolved. Something to jump start the old momentum.

This new script's more fun and exciting for me. I need something that keeps my fire going. I'll go back to problem-solving the old portfolio script after I've cranked this one out. I just need a little heat to get me through some cold days...