Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Put Your Faith in a Loud Guitar

Well, we are at the end, ladies and gentlemen.

Not to be dramatic, but at the stroke of midnight... all hell may break loose.

Of course, midnight October 31st is when the WGA contract officially expires. It has been a grand game of chicken. With a lot of inexplicably anti-writer sentiment in the press.

Contrary to popular urban myth, not all writers are living high off the fat of the Hollywoodland.

Bracing myself here. The past few weeks might as well have been strike-time for me, because I haven't had work. If the strike hits... I'll need to be more financially responsible. To weather the indefinite winter ahead...

Hey, scab writers: don't do it. I got pissed off by this website initially, before I clicked through and realized it was a gag. There are enough horror stories about scab writers during strikes to put anyone off. But there are a lot of desperate, short-sighted people out there.

Death of October, man. 2007. That's fucking heavy.

Things are gonna get easier...