Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do Androids Dream of Electric Companionship?

NYT article about modern robotics.

Reminder and clarification of the details of my reading this week:

Wednesday, August 1
Theatre Row, Summer Play Festival
410 W. 42nd Street (West of 9th Ave.)

RSVP by emailing

It's free, you should just RSVP. I don't know what the crowd's going to look like.

I have been up around the clock with my head in the Butcherhouse... but I am excited about this reading. Rinse away the dread and anxiety, the ailments of perfectionism, and I think this could actually be fun.

I think I've been holding onto this play a little too tightly. It will be good to have outsiders lay eyes on it.

Where the hell did July go?