Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Dolls Are Arriving

Next Wednesday, August 1, the new dolls hit the stage. I'm not convinced they're ready, but readings are always a gamble. Wish I could devote more time to it, but this movie thing is just taking priority right now.

Hope we get a decent audience. The play may be in a less polished state than I'd like, but there are aspects to it that mean something to me. Themes that are meaningful to me.

But no. Full disclosure. If the theater community didn't take me seriously after BUTCHERHOUSE, then CHINADOLL OVERDRIVE isn't going to change their minds. The next one, perhaps. I just need some time to get it in order.

A better person than me would be able to launch a theater career and a film career simultaneously.

I've got some years ahead of me. Just have to avoid the falling pianos.