Friday, June 22, 2007

A Dark Horse

I know, I know, the updates here are sadly sporadic. I do what I can. But I'm feeling contemplative enough to drop another entry here, for whoever might find it.

I really do go through these stretches where I feel like all my work is crap. Only way to get anything done is to try to power through that.

I like seeing the flaws in other people's work. It's not (exclusively) Schadenfreude. My mindset isn't, "Oh, I'm better than that person!" I enjoy seeing other people be bold enough to parade their imperfections. I've got a tendency to hide scripts and tinker with them for a really long time before putting them out there, and I think I've really got to just put them out there sometimes.

Some of it will work, some of it won't, some people will like it, some will hate it. But you build on that and you keep going.

Anyway, I'm going through a stretch where I'm feeling a little better about the work I'm creating. I've got a reading of a new play on August 1st. More information to come.