Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Absence of Love

I write plays about the absence of love.

You wouldn't believe the amount of research it requires...

I hate the meet cute.

I'm interested in the stories about two people who don't meet. Disconnection. Failures of communication. You know how many people never make a connection in their lives? Who expire alone?

All is not equal. Some people (mostly girls) may let an endless string of long-term monogamous relationships carry them through a lifetime. For girls, one relationship fizzles, there may be 10 guys queued up for a shot. They might not be princes, but there's 10 of them.

Meeting people might be pretty easy, but not meeting people is a bloody cake-walk. It's remarkable how far you can go without meeting anyone at all. I could spend a day walking all over the face of Manhattan -- not exchange a word with a person, not make the briefest eye contact.

That's one of the curious things about this city. It can be the friendliest place on earth. It can be the unfriendliest. Exciting and dull. Optimistic and bleak. It can change on a dime. Fortunes can swing.

Or you can die alone in your apartment. And not be found for a month.