Sunday, January 28, 2007


I may have submitted my first draft of "Butcherhouse" to Paramount, but the sick part is the waiting.

To hear what they think.

Yes, I felt good about the draft when I submitted it. But my feelings don't really matter much. (Do they ever?) It all comes down to whether or not it ignites enthusiasm.

Words... please don't fail me now.

In any case, I'd like not to dwell on it excessively for a little while because I've got some other writing obligations to clear off.

Some inspiration for my next piece of writing:

Something else I've rediscovered is Dungeons & Dragons. Now, I've never played the actual game and to this day can't wrap my head around how it's played. But I remember the Saturday morning cartoon. It's being re-aired on "Toon Disney". I watched an episode called "Traitor" and was fairly impressed. One of the things that set this show apart was that there was an actual foreseeable conclusion to the story. That didn't even exist in many live-action hour-long dramas in the 80s. And I find it more fascinating that a series finale was actually scripted, if not actually produced.

I think of a good TV series as a long-form drama. Tell me a story spread over 16 hours. Something with an ending.

I'm all over the place with inspiration. When I was a kid, I used to play INFOCOM text adventures. It's how I learned to type. Taught me a bit about writing, as well. I wonder who owns the rights to "Zork" at the hour. I think that's a world worth re-imagining...

Okay, I know this entry's all over the place. I'll come back to all this in a better way.