Monday, December 11, 2006

I Won't Go Down By Myself, But I'll Go Down with My Friends!

I always imagined the day that I got asked to join the Writers Guild of America would be one of the greatest days ever, but it wasn't. Granted, partly because it coincided with receiving some bad personal news, but largely because I'm realizing that the business part of this business is something I do not enjoy at all.

Hell, I'm not particularly fond of the creative part of this business, either! Writing is a personal hell. But there is a nice sense of accomplishment when I can get something right.

Making progress. Primarily by locking myself up for days on end with little to no human contact. I'll have to find a better process eventually or I'm going to die, but for now I'm doing what I have to do to make my deadlines and to keep the momentum going on both fronts. May not make for an exciting blog, but suffering is a terrific part of life. For me, it's the entirety.