Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gimme Shelter

Everybody loves a funny cat video, am I right or am I right?!???

Nigel Trilogy: Part 1

Nigel Trilogy: Part 2

Nigel Trilogy: Part 3

Done laughing your asses off? Special thanks to D. and J. for letting me take care of their cat while they were away. Their cat is honestly one of the unfriendliest cats I've ever encountered, but he really does come from the streets so it makes sense that he's a bit "bitey"...

I've gently set aside procrastination projects like this and have been surrounding myself with horror. I think I've done an admirable job of creeping MYSELF out so far. I just need to make sure I can translate that to the page. Good horror gets under your skin so I've been analyzing all the things that scare me, and why and how they scare me...

Paramount's got a first draft of a "Butcherhouse" outline I've submitted. Monday, I should find out if it's "on the right track" or if it's "what the hell is all this?!" For now, I feel relatively good about it. It's just an outline, and there's a lot yet to figure out and discover through the writing process. I just hope the outline shows that I know what I'm doing and where I'm going with everything.

Despite what some people may think, I don't think horror is easy. The world is filled with too much information that is easily accessible. Even false claims of a movie being "based on a true story" can be swiftly dispelled with a cursory Internet search. You might be able to compile a list of "great horror movies", but it's tougher to assemble a list of horror movies that are considered "great movies".

We'll see if this can't be remedied...