Friday, September 29, 2006

Shit from Shinola

It's a known fact that Stanley Kubrick was a big fan of Carl Reiner's The Jerk.

It was on Universal HD last night and I watched it again. Fairly dated, goofy as all get-out. Some of it I think stands up pretty well, if you go along with it. Some of it's just unsalvageable. But I've gotta say, it kinda grows on me. A distinctly rewatchable movie. The kind you may not instantly LOVE upon first viewing... but you may grow to love over a course of time. Not unlike the way cancer cells will invade a healthy body.

Steve Martin had a string of movies in the 80s like The Jerk and The Lonely Guy (which is begging for a remake, written by me). They inhabited a peculiar reality that doesn't make as much sense today. Not in film terms.

Bit sick the past several days. Metamorphosis is painful...