Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My So-Called Horror Movie

"Witness to a Sacrifice."

This is my new line. This line represents the solution to a problem I've been wrestling with.

There's all sorts of problem-solving I've got to do with this adaptation.

What is an "adaptation" anyway? My screenplay is going to be so structurally different from my play. I'm mapping out the beats and setting up the skeleton. But it's going to be much more than "the movie version of the play". It's inspired by the play and will have the same premise, but it'll be a larger, more thoroughly realized world.

I'm feeling better and better about it as I come up with solutions to various problems.

Of course, that's me personally. I'll have to see how the studio execs respond to my solutions.

This isn't gonna be like Marber's Closer. (Though I liked Closer and I pray I get sole screenwriting credit like Marber did.)

Misdirection. A secret in a small town. Witness to a sacrifice. Unrequited lust. A romantic view of the world. Revenge.

I won't even begin writing for a few weeks yet, but I want to be ready when I begin.

... and I will be... with guns...