Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Death Bed of August

So, that's it for Summer Oh-Six, then, eh? I'd claim it as my best summer ever, but that wouldn't really be saying much, I reckon. I'm just thankful that it's ended on such a promising note.

This summer's felt strangely quiet. Maybe coz I went through most of it alone. Saw a lot of friends and made some good new friends, but there was no constant. (Except YOU, dear blog -- you're always there for me, aren't you??)

I have to say, none of it seems terribly real just yet. It might feel real when I'm at Paramount Pictures to field their notes on the first draft of my adaptation.

Man, if you'd told me that my summer would end the way that it has... I would've been like, Yep, that sounds about right!

Autumn. Autumn sits there staring at us like a dog waiting to be fed. I've never been so nervously excited for September to begin...