Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Killing Suspense

I'm sorry, little ones, you can't open presents quite yet. These things, such as they are, take time. This'll be worth the wait, though. Like all your happy thoughts packed into an ice cream cone.

I wish my regular BLOG were updating properly. If it were, I wouldn't have to be dwelling on this career blog exclusively. Blame it on BLOGGER BETA. Blame it on my foolish impulse to try to migrate to BLOGGER BETA. (And then, please avoid BLOGGER BETA.)

I *can* sort of talk about the fact that I'm working on the book for a musical adaptation of a well-known sci-fi novel. We don't actually have the rights and I'd normally avoid spending the time to adapt something that I didn't have the rights to, but it's an exciting challenge to write the book for a musical. And this particular adaptation presents some unique challenges, story-wise. And I love the collaborative nature of it. The pressure's not all on me. I think pressure is best when it's shared!