Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Does anybody here remember "Dystopia"...?

No? Could it be because only about 7 people in the world ever read it?

Well, it's the second full-length screenplay I ever wrote (the first being an atrocious pile of hooey called "Sisters"), and I've just dug it up and printed it out and am dead set upon giving it a good, hard polish before setting it back atop my revised portfolio.

It's about a daycare center run by wolves. As I remember it, the script's got problems like all get out, but I'm a better writer than I was back whenever. I just want to streamline it and make it readable. Two horror screenplays in the bag would be good to have for a writer trying to make a living.

Called out sick yesterday and tried to start work on a new play, but most of the writing was done in my head. I've got two lines written. Tell me I can write more than two lines in a day.

My immune system hates me. (Get in line, immune system!) It realizes how poorly I've been treating it for the past year and it's gone on strike. If I drop dead suddenly, avenge me.