Thursday, August 31, 2006

There Are No Kings in this World (Only Princes)

Gratitude to the BLOGGER techs who finally resolved the issues with my primary, personal blog. (I'll refrain from including a direct link to it here, but it's not that difficult to find.)

Oh-Em-Gee, I am so happy that it's Thursday! Labor Day Weekend's upon us, and since I'm burning up unused vacation days I'm looking at a 5-day bender -- er -- weekend.

I haven't actually sussed out what I want to do with these 5 days. All my coupled-up friends are probably doing coupled-up fucking things. Even numbers suck shit. I fear that I am doomed to be odd.

But it keeps my edge on, so it can't be dismissed outright...

I think I'm gonna do some motherfucking WRITING this weekend! Sound exciting? No? Well, it's my curse (much like Spider-Man), so I've gotta do it. With great curses come great responsibility.

MYYY DAY JOBBB SUCKSSS!!! Can't I go home yet...?