Saturday, October 14, 2006

Coz I'm Always on the Run...

Got my laptop yesterday, way ahead of schedule. I wonder if they give you over-inflated "estimated ship dates" on purpose, to make the hoople-heads like me beam.

Gettin acclimated to the keyboard. Trying to make it a new home. I haven't actually taken it OUTSIDE the apartment yet coz I'm like a nervous mother, terrified the new arrival's gonna get its soft skull cracked open somehow.

My first real computer was a laptop. Got it the summer after my freshman year in college. It had 4 megs of RAM and a battery that would last about 60 seconds: not quite long enough for Windows to load completely. Since I retired that computer, I've had a succession of desktops because they're cheaper and I just figured most of my writing would be at home anyway.

But there's something neat about the flexibility of a laptop. Something as silly as being able to write while sitting my on bed. I mean, my bed is approximately 1 step away from my desktop. But a desktop is big and bulky and a series of boxes connected by thick black cords. A laptop's much more like a notebook. A lot easier to retrieve and get something going. Beyond the obvious portability factor, I'm hoping it'll get me writing more.

Blogging is a nice warm-up... always.