Thursday, October 05, 2006

Terry Gilliam Promotes TIDELAND

Read this report that Terry Gilliam was gonna crash the line for THE DAILY SHOW, and since I ain't got no life I ran down there with my video camera in hand.

You can viddy the footage hereabouts.

He made time to chat with everybody who wanted to chat and people were slipping him business cards, but I didn't. Didn't introduce myself as a writer, didn't plug BUTCHERHOUSE, didn't slip him a card though I had them in my bag. I just figured whatever I said would go in one ear and out the other. If I end up working with him professionally one day, I'll just meet him again in another scenario where he'll be more inclined to take me seriously.

He'd be a cool choice to direct THE BUTCHERHOUSE MOVIE -- perhaps -- but I feel like he's more excited about telling his own stories right now. And more power to him. I find it sad that a filmmaker of his caliber has so much trouble getting films made at this stage in his career. He's got it worse than Scorsese, and it's unconscionable that Scorsese has any trouble. But don't get me started...!