Monday, October 09, 2006

Money Changes Everything

Deal oughta be done... mmm... in a week or so? But I went ahead and bought a laptop already. Because I've been needing to, and I figure it's a basic tool I should have, and I honestly think it'll help me write. This decision involved significant hemming and hawing, and I thought about waiting till the money actually came through but I'd like to have the thing already and set it up proper in advance and begin to use it before I dive into the heavy work.

Cyndi Lauper was right: money does change everything. I've struggled with day jobs for a good decade now, barely making ends meet, amassing debt... and this one silly story of mine is going to sort me out.

Eventually. Can't repair the ruins in a day.

Can't wait to pay off my fucking credit card debt, though. May not be able to x it all off right up front, but I *should* be able to take care of it within a year which is way sooner than expected.

But first things come first. A decent laptop. A writer writes... everywhere.