Monday, November 27, 2006

Darkly Dreaming Malice

A reminder to myself that my "commence date" was October 30th and thus the deadline for the first draft of my adaptation is January 30th.

After all, the blog's for me. Yes, a splatter of people may read them, and I take that into consideration (these could be a lot more confessional than they are), but ultimately it's a personal journal. The fact that it's online is an invitation to voyeurs.

It's no secret I've done some serious wrestling with this adaptation, but progress is being made. Problems are being identified and dealt with. It's not Iraq. I've got an exit strategy. It might be argued that I'm sacrificing my personal life a bit, but that assumes I've got a personal life to sacrifice.

The thing's like a jigsaw puzzle. You've got to dump all the pieces on the floor. Out of the chaos, you look for pieces that fit together. Small parts that become bigger parts. With patience and care, something larger and cohesive begins to form.

Still a few days left of November. I am resigned to the fact that I shall be a mental case throughout December. Light a candle for Malice. He needs a warm thought.