Sunday, December 31, 2006

All Tomorrow's Parties

This is entry 100.

New year's eve. Ish. It's honestly just Saturday night up way too late. But technically, new year's eve.

Sending this out from the middle of nowhere. Just needed to get out of the city. A friend helped me out. But there's really nothing to do in the middle of nowhere, so I'm using the old blog as a crutch.

Finished the rough-rough first draft of my adaptation/screenplay. Feeling better about it. I'll be doing a lot of tinkering with it in January, before I officially submit it, but I think the hardest part is over. For this phase, at least.

Hell of a year, 2006. Started this blog with the hopes that I'd have stuff to talk about post-SPF. And I certainly do. But it ain't the fun-ride I dreamed it'd be. It's been strangely... down-to-earth. No ticker-tape parades. No balloons. A lot of waiting around. To sign papers. To get paid. A few meetings and then you go off and write.

And the thrill of telling people about it is sort of dead. It just seems to make a lot of people feel bad. Which I can understand, but then it becomes this game of me trying to downplay the whole thing and play up the uncertainty of it all -- which starts to make ME feel bad! What a bummer.

Fuck it. It's a job. I'm just trying to do some decent work for a company that's hired me.

I'm thankful for everything I managed to accomplish in 2006.

2007, I'd like to reclaim some semblance of a life. The promise of a new sort of life. Something productive and hopeful.