Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arden Valley (rots in hell)

I never mention it in the stage version, but the name of the small town that accommodates the Butcherhouse is "Arden Valley". At least, it's in the first draft of the screenplay as that.

What is today? January 25, 2007?

I've just finished the first draft of my screenplay adaptation. I'll be sending it over to Paramount tomorrow.

As much as it's a relief, I've got the excruciating part coming up. The waiting. Waiting to hear if "they" like it enough to move forward with me.

A screenplay's pretty subjective. Give the same screenplay to 5 different directors and you'd end up with 5 pretty different movies. People see things differently.

Some people may not see a movie. Some people may.

I made an honest stab at this, though. Brought as much care and creativity to the table as I could gather up.

Now we see what happens...