Friday, March 02, 2007

Death of a Teddy Bear

Oh, sad, neglected blog! I'm sorry I don't update you more often. And when I do, it's mainly to make sure that the blog doesn't fall off the radar completely.

Things just develop slowly and it's difficult to talk about things that are still steeped in development. Still, for those interested enough to check this blog, I'll try to sketch out an update here.

One thing you won't find in the "Butcherhouse" movie adaptation is a teddy bear. I tried to fix in a cameo for the little bugger, but the cameo's nixed and I've got nowhere else to put him. If we're so lucky to get the movie made, lucky enough for it do well enough to warrant a sequel, and lucky enough to get the job scripting the sequel -- MAYBE I can try to find a place for him in there. But for now, he'll be relegated to the stage. Where teddy bears belong.

The adaptation's going well. Another Paramount conference call tomorrow evening. Some helpful notes on where I need to take the script. The writing's well-received so far, which is encouraging. I need all the encouragement I can get.

I've been wrestling with another draft of my second play, "Chinadoll Overdrive". I'll be diving into that as soon as I publish this entry. It's a strange place to go after "Butcherhouse". It's a play I started writing many years ago, and it's slightly at odds with where I am now. But there's a lot I'm writing, so I'm endeavoring to write it out to a point that I'm at peace with. Even if that peace is only temporary.

There's a lot more in the pipeline after that, but I can't talk about stuff that's too embryonic. Maybe another entry this weekend, with some updates.

Has it really been a year since I started this blog?