Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Love is an Angel Disguised as Lust

I need all the inspiration I can find...

Soulful teenage romanticism. Being in high school and feeling jaded, feeling like you understand the world. When you don't understand the first thing about the world, or the volatile emotions that are evolving inside you.

I had a shit time in high school. I don't know anyone who had a shittier time than me. I had a handful of friends at school, but I'd rarely hang out with them outside of school. I'd hole up and write short stories in my room. My social life was practically non-existent.

But in hindsight, even I'd say it was sort of a magical time. Magical in that there was this pervasive sense that anything could happen. The clumsy attempts at dating. I wrote an elaborate short story for this girl in my AP Chemistry class as a way to ask her out. I took another girl on a date driving a stick-shift that I could barely operate. Everything was meaningful. Every day was the beginning and end of the world. As miserable as I was, there was always a sense of possibility. Something could happen! More often than not, it didn't... but when it did, there were skyrockets.

Back to writing the screenplay, after several weeks of notes and discussions. It's in a good place, in my head. I'm no longer adapting a play. I'm revising a screenplay. Adaptation's for the birds...