Monday, March 05, 2007

The Darkness

Said I'd write more this weekend, thought I'd make good on it. (Dunno if "good" is the word I'd use, but for the lack of something better...)

Sketching out a partial outline for my next revision of my screenplay, just to give us something productive to discuss before I dive headlong into the actual writing. The mechanics of plot are a fucking bitch.

Spent a good snatch of the weekend assembling my documents for tax prep. A good stretch of hours taping receipts to pieces of paper and typing numbers into an EXCEL document. Meeting with the accountant tomorrow (today) -- hope they've remembered the appointment.

My internal clock is way off. Went to bed Sunday morning at 5am, got up past 1pm -- the longest I've slept in ages. I'm uncomfortable with getting too far off the normal cycle. I just work better when I'm surrounded by darkness. It's quieter. Less light means I can focus more clearly on what light there is. The computer screen shines brighter. Glimmering through the blackness.

I hate seeing the sun begin to filter through the window, though. A reminder that I'm way off course. Hold on. All my work, now, is about cracking drafts. I wish it were easy as crunching numbers, it's not. But I've got it. Yo la tengo. Just give me a minute here.