Saturday, March 30, 2013


I've never really celebrated Easter. Sure, I've *done* things on Easter. I was raised in a Catholic household, so Easter was a presence growing up, but my family didn't really do much on the holiday.

Now I'm a bitter agnostic with not much left to love. Easter may as well be Arbor Day in terms of its resonance with me.

But hey: I like the metaphor of rising from death.

(Serendipitously, the season finale of THE TALKING DEAD airs Easter night... preceded by the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD!)

April ahead. April barrels forth. Still trying to get a handle on 2013 and making it matter. Making it a year with some impact.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Maybe Far Away

Confession. I've a weakness for ANNIE. I saw the movie version as a child and there's something that resonated for me. It's a musical about abandonment, so you do the math.

I'd only ever seen the movie version. I have a memory of my parents going to see the original Broadway production when I was a young child. When I asked them if WE were going to see it, I remember they told me, "It's for adults only." (Which meant they didn't want to pay to take us kids.) I remember them bringing the Playbill back and it *looked* like an adult thing.

So, I was walking through Times Square last week (because as an adult, I now live near Times Square), and I see the new production of ANNIE is up on the TKTS board with 50% discounted tickets. Curiosity got the better of me.

It is... peculiar... being a thirty-something heterosexual male going to see a production of ANNIE alone. There were a fair number of parents bringing their children to the show. And I'm sitting there cloaked in tattoos.

It was pretty surprising seeing how much the movie version deviated from the stage version (assuming this new production hews pretty close to the original Broadway show). It's odd because I remain a defender of the movie. And while I understand that nostalgia can influence, seeing the stage version makes me admire the movie even more for how it grounded the narrative.

Still, it's quite a show. There's a reason why shows like this get revived.