Monday, November 29, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Cleanse

Can't let November go without posting an obligatory entry here, can we? Where does all this time go...?

I've been busy working on the new pet project in my writing dungeon. I confess, I'd wanted to have a completed draft done by Thanksgiving but the world got a little busier than I'd anticipated. And I'm not explicitly on the clock with this sucker, so I've been taking a little more time with it. I don't believe that anyone *actively* reads this blog so all of these entries are more for posterity. All the future generations trying to trace the path of my madness.

Meeting with my new management team Thursday morning—here in New York City of all places! At least I don't have to rent a car.

Is it really December this week? Did we lose a few months this year?

Well, I won't argue with the calendar. We're going to get some things done with the remainder of this year. Promise.