Friday, November 06, 2009

Sorrow and Savagery

The first press release regarding a project I've been developing with our blessed friends at Twisted Pictures is officially out. (This is the first press release that I've actually participated in, for the record.)

An adaptation of "SORROW", a graphic novel by Rick Remender, Seth Peck and Francesco Francavilla.

I've been developing a number of diverse projects beyond THE BUTCHERHOUSE CHRONICLES but this one is the first to go all public-like. (It's a curious business.)

Sooo... you don't know what "The Butcherhouse Chronicles" is, you're not familiar with "Sorrow" and you most certainly don't know who the hell *I* am... and yet you were curious enough to make your way to this remote corner of the internet.

You can pick up a copy of "SORROW" and get a good sense of the project, if the curiosity spurs you to that length. I'll safely say that even if you're familiar with the original graphic novel, the movie adaptation will have a fair amount of surprises. We're building upon the foundation that Remender/Peck/Francavilla set down and I'm personally excited about where we're going with this. That talented trio have created a really evocative piece and we're having a lot of fun with the playground they've built.

It's going to be really different. I know that Twisted Pictures is forever linked to the SAW franchise but this is nothing like SAW. The producers have been excellent to work with and they've been on board with what I've brought to the project. There are some great characters in this and I'm especially excited about the strong female protagonist.

I know that updates here are infrequent but more on this ASAP, I promise.

And (crossing fingers) more on the "Butcherhouse" adaptation, too...

Thanks for stopping by, Internet!