Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thursdays@9: Chinadoll Overdrive

Hello, Silent Lurkers. Malice can't sleep so he's posting a fucking blog entry.

THE BUTCHERHOUSE CHRONICLES runs next week, but the fun-train doesn't stop there...

An excerpt from my new play CHINADOLL OVERDRIVE will be read at SPF's Thursdays@9 series.

SPF linked up with Naked Angels. It's a spontaneous, cold-reading series. Pieces are selected in advance and are cast on the spot.

The CHINADOLL OVERDRIVE excerpt will be read on Thursday, July 20th. It's free. It's cold.

As mentioned, I've actually finished my first draft of the play and am in the redrafting process. This excerpt has been read before -- in another venue, in another life -- but this should be more interesting. And I've done some tinkering with the contents of the excerpt.

Sometimes, I wish I could sleep like a regular person...