Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pop Junk

Feeling a bit more myself. All wine and no food makes Malice a sick boy...

It was good chatting with some of the other playwrights. Strikes me that I don't know many other writers. It's so safe and sound in my vacuum of a life...

Still trying to figure out how to talk about my own work without sounding like a ding dang dong douche-bag. I'm a pop junkie. Some may argue it's a distraction, but it filters into the work. Honest.

I'm watching this DATELINE: PREDATOR! special where they're luring all these online pedophiles to this house that's littered with hidden cameras and SWAT teams.

When they get to the house, the would-be pederasts are greeted by the ever-cocky Chris Hansen, who proceeds to grill them with such obvious questions as "What were you thinking?" Most of them try to explain that they weren't really going to go through with it. Many try to argue that they just wanted to be a "mentor" to the underage boy/girl.

Turns out, there are a LOT of men willing to go to strange houses to mentor young boys and girls in the death of the night. I think that's great news for the nation's youth!

Men are perverts -- I get it already! But is a two hour (!) "news program" depicting a trail of men getting utterly ruined on national television really helping the problem?, or is it just feeding the voyeurs? (aka, Me.)