Monday, May 22, 2006

Rocket Queen

Another SPF party Friday night. I was introduced to the producer of The Lieutenant of Inishmore, who's just been nominated for a Tony. Wish I'd known that. (Where are my handlers?!) He was really nice, though, and I hope he comes to see my little show.

Did an interview with the SPF Media Coordinator. The SPF website continues to evolve and we've even got our own page now. The description of the play's been adjusted, which I'm thankful for. It's not perfect, but at least people will know it's a "darkly comic horror show".

I think in the application that I absently filled out, I described the play as "four high school students search for their missing history teacher". But I'd described the play so many different ways by then -- and had met with nothing but rejection --for the SPF application I thought to myself, What would the TV Guide description be if this were a movie?

We reap what we sow...

Exciting stuff afoot. Chatted with my director, Tom Caruso, Friday morn; he offered me production updates. Everything seems to be moving along swimmingly. Tom described some of the set ideas and I cannot wait to see them.

The whole thing's gotten me more excited about the play I'm currently writing. The idea that more people might be interested in reading it depending on the reception of BUTCHERHOUSE. I feel like a man on a mission. These next two plays, I've got to get them written and out of my system. And then I can start to think about what I'd like to do next.

(Unless, of course, SPF throws me a monkey wrench...)