Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I Could Just Kill a Man

Nobody really, regularly reads this blog. And why should they? It is sporadically updated and not very often a fount of personal confession...

Who reads this, then? The randoms who might come across a mention of my work and decide to look me up. My reps, perhaps, occasionally, furtively. Producers, executives, assistants. Curiously. Ever so curiously.

Here's what you should know, ALL OF YOU:

I have officially, completely sacrificed any semblance of a proper single's social life in an effort to focus on all the projects that I may or may not be working on in the near future.

Not yet noon on a *gorgeous* Sunday on the Nor'east of AMERICA and I am holed up in my diminutive studio Fortress of Solitude on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, nursing an alcohol-infused refreshment as I hunker down and try to focus on three different projects. Generating notes on characters and plot. Prepping for a conference call I've got scheduled Monday night. And a storybeat outline for another project. And a "take document" for yet another project.


And what is my only release......?

INFAMOUS for the PS3.

You should know, however, that I have everything completely under control.

More when more warrants...