Monday, March 30, 2009

The Butcherhouse Chronicles LIVE SHOW

The latest SPF mailer features a (rather prominent) production pic of the original Butcherhouse Chronicles SPF show from July '06. The caption properly credits the featured cast (Matt Doyle, Anna Chlumsky & Todd Cerveris) and the name of the play... but somehow omits the name of the writer!

It's not just about me, though. All the production pics featured in the mailer credit the featured actors and corresponding plays but leave out the writers' names. I can only imagine this was some design overlook since the Summer Play Festival exists to promote the emerging writers.

The play version is still in a state of tinkering on my part, delayed a bit by the juggling of film projects. SPF is designed to help launch theater careers, so I'm a bit of an anomaly so far. But there are more plays I intend to get out of my system.

And yes, I do hope we get to bring BUTCHERHOUSE to the stage again so that more people can see it. It's such a different beast than the film version. I like that they have different lives.