Friday, April 11, 2008

Chinese Democracy 2008

Massive, unapologetic fan of Guns N' Roses.

Old GNR. New GNR. I know it's sacrilege, but I don't care.

I never got to see the original lineup, but I've seen "GNR 2.0" about 3 times—once with Buckethead—and they fucking rock.

A report from NME says that GNR have finally finished their long-awaited "Chinese Democracy" album and it's been turned into Geffen.

Apparently, there may even be a reality TV show to support the release of the album.

Of course, I've been waiting for this album for way too long to get my hopes up over anything. There's no way the album is going to live up to anyone's expectations. The delays have turned the album into an epic running gag and critics will probably shred it.


I just want to get mine.