Wednesday, April 02, 2008


fuckHoly shit, it's April. Time for a dusting. Slight revision of my blog template and I'm troubleshooting, so pardon a bit of technical babel...

Uploading pics directly to BLOGGER, selecting "LARGE" as the size you'd like to display, the max size the pics will display seems to be 400px. Click on the lovely Lynda Carter above and you'll get a larger rendering of the image, but the max size BLOGGER will display the image in the actual context of the blog seems to be 400 pixels.

Though I've jiggered with the template and expanded the widths of the columns, I can't seem to break the "400px" barrier. (In terms of pics uploaded directly to BLOGGER.)

If they come from elsewhere, like this version (width=500px), it's not a problem.

But the whole beauty of BLOGGER is ease-of-use. One-stop shop. With all the customizations I can make to the template, it annoys me that I can't customize the maximum width of displayed photos. (Unless I'm missing something.)

From the BLOGGER help bin:
"Images on our servers that are over a certain size (400px) have referrer restrictions, meaning that they will not be displayed on servers other than and However, by default, images display as thumbnails of less than 400px within posts, and simply link to the full-size image."

Of course, this entire ordeal came about because fucking HULU videos are too damn wide...