Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Night Fever

Here's some old news that's suddenly new news!


So surreal to see my name on there. On a website I frequent to read about the latest movie news.

It seems almost absurd. More notable for the companies producing it than for the unknown who created it.

Stumbled on the news item this morning, at the day job, and did a spit-take.

I clicked on it with the vague expectation of reading some news on my own project that I didn't know yet. I guess in the process of them interviewing directors, this news just leaked in the natural manner in which stories leak in the industry.

It's a strange sensation, to see my work mentioned prominently on such a widely-read site. To be honest, I thought there'd be some sort of official announcement a long while ago. That didn't happen and I was fine being the little project that was flying under the radar.

Which makes this all the more jarring.

To be honest, I'm a little afraid of additional fanboy scrutiny. The "fans" can be a merciless lot. This is my first big break and I'm just trying to get my career rolling.

U P D A T E :

A "friend" just forwarded me this bitter piece of pre-emptive hate. I love how people are trashing something based entirely on a leaked description. For fuck sake.