Friday, May 16, 2014


It began as most extinction events often begin: without anyone paying attention.

A mere infestation of weeds amidst the courtyard of the abandoned church on Varick and Arden Valley Road, tucked in the shadows of Dahlia Creek. Nobody noticed the alien weeds gradually uprooting massive hunks of bedrock.

It was five years before anyone had the idle thought that the overgrowth from the church was starting to resemble a hand.

It was seven years before the monstrosity began to affect property values.

And it was a cool ten years before no one could deny that this gigantic hand, made of alien plant and stone, had begun to clench at the sky and threatened to claw itself out of Earth3.

YEAR NINE. That was the pivotal year. The year the world could have been saved. The year the Hand-Deniers blocked all efforts to stem the tide of the Alien-Death-Hand.