Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Seen Sunny Days That I Thought Would Never End

Hello, whoever you are.

Honestly, who are you and how have you stumbled upon this quiet forgotten little spec of the internet...?

If you're curious about my recent trip to Lost Angeles, you can CLICK THROUGH HERE (TIP: scroll down and read the entries upward, chronologically).

I am back in NYC, plotting the next stages of world domination.

Even throughout the leanest stretches, I endeavor to update this blog at least once a month. Less for the regulars (there's no need for regulars here) and more for the sake of an archive.

You see, Dear Reader, one day you will know my name. One day, you will know what I am capable of.

Not today. Probably not tomorrow. Possibly the day after tomorrow (but I wouldn't lay money on that if I were you). But ONE DAY, this will be a vibrant blog that I will feel compelled to update on a more regular basis because people very much like you will be far more curious about what I'm working on.

For now (said sadly) this place is just an extended tease. The vague promise of things to come.

A vague but emphatic promise.

Check back here.