Thursday, July 01, 2010

Taylor Lautner is NOT in "The Butcherhouse Chronicles"

All right, folks, I wasn't going to post anything about this, but I feel compelled to now that a reporter actually asked Lautner about it.

"The Butcherhouse Chronicles" is based on a stage play that I wrote. Paramount bought the rights and hired me to write the initial screenplay adaptation. They brought on the boys at Platinum Dunes and Stephen Susco ("The Grudge") did a rewrite this past year.

Frank "Buff" Borin was attached to direct a few years ago, but he's moved on.

IMDB is filled with inaccuracies, especially for movies that are still in "development", and I have no idea how Lautner or Glee's Lea Michele got added to the cast of this project. The character names listed are not characters in the script, either. (If they *were* attached to the movie, I would guess that Lautner would be playing the character of "Kurt" and Michele would be playing "Honey".)

I asked one of my managers about it the other week and he was pretty sure it was nonsense. It'd be great if he were, but it's not happening right now.