Tuesday, August 04, 2009

For Elsie

People arrive, people exit. No one ever stays in one place anymore. It may betray a heartbreakingly bleak outlook to suggest that I’m never sure who’s going to remain in my life. Who’s going to remain meaningful.

Jesus, it’s so easy for some people. They get married, raise families, none of it is a big deal. They know who’s going to be with them for the long haul. They know who to love. They know who to trust.

I can never tell what tomorrow will bring for me, or what it will take away.

So let me say this…

Everything I write and publish…

Every play or movie I can take some credit for…

… I dedicate to Elsie.

I may have different answers to the question of “Who is Elsie?” over the years. For now, since this is my first mention of her, I’ll say that she represents someone I will always care about. Come what may.