Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In Butcher News

Oh yeah... Butcherhouse.

(I guess I should've posted this yesterday but I pre-write a lot of these entries so I don't actually have to write blog entries every day.)

Suffice it to say, I've been pretty fucking busy. This week ought to be especially cruel.

Variety broke the story on Frank Borin signing on to direct The Butcherhouse Chronicles. As is the case with most of these news items, this happened a little while ago and we've been working hard on this.

Frank's a brilliant guy. He flew into NYC to meet up with me and he's been an awesome collaborator with a great sense of story and vision. In addition to being a cool guy to hang with.

I know I've been very oblique with real details here. Yes, this is a big studio film adaptation of a very strange, personal stage-play I wrote. I've been fortunate to have a really intelligent, surprisingly sensitive team of people guiding me through the development process. Andrew Form and Brad Fuller at Platinum Dunes have been supportive and insightful; forget all the shit-talking you might read on some geek sites. Dan Levine and Liz Raposo at Paramount have been terrific coaches from the very start.

More news to come.