Friday, August 29, 2008

Lousy Parenting Awards

Where to start with this one...?

Please read about the parents who let their kid drop out of high school to focus on Guitar Hero.
Blake convinced his folks (that is, "We couldn't take the complaining anymore," said his mom) to let him drop out last September. They hired in-home tutors to continue his education there, at least, but there's no doubt priority number one is Guitar Hero. There's a vaguely defined goal of Blake playing it professionally, either through Major League Gaming or by winning prizes in a national and international competitions. But so far he's only made about $1,000, most of that value realized in meals and other freebies won at local competitions. The other pro gamer the reporter contacted for this story said he's cashed in about $25,000 in his entire career.
I'm all for liberal parenting, but fucking hell, Blake's Parents!

You've got to imagine those parents, at some point, were just like, "Ah, who gives a fuck?"