Thursday, September 04, 2008

Outside of Society

Baby was a black sheep!
Baby was a whore!
Baby got big and baby's gettin bigger!
Baby got a hand,

Everybody getting a fucking kick out of John McCain's recklessly unqualified vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin?

How much of a fucking farce can this turn into?

Watching the Republican talking heads sputter in nonsensical defense of Palin on 24-hour news channels is particularly obscene. Backtracking from all their criticisms of Obama lacking experience. Outrageously using Palin's gender as a defense when the debate gets too hot.

She didn't abort her baby! Isn't that terrific??
Look at all the fucking kids she's raised! That counts as experience, right?

Fucking insulting.

Watch CNN's Campbell Brown mercilessly grill Tucker Bounds on Palin's theoretical "national security experience":

I beg of you, America. Do NOT buy the monorail that McCain is trying to sell you. It is poorly built. And it believes in Creationism.

Republicans are off in the land of make-believe this week.