Friday, October 10, 2008


Like I was gonna let an entire week go by without some McCain-bashing...

The poll numbers are a downward spiral for the mighty G.O.P. and they are running the filthiest, scummiest campaign imaginable. With that tranny pit-bull mess Palin out front howling the most irresponsible hate anthems she can cook up. (Or that her writers can cook up because she's as dumb as fucking dirt.)

McCain is losing it.

McCain is losing it.

McCain is losing it.

Improvised Explosive Devices are what the desperate McCain-Palin campaign is resigned to in this final stretch.

Good news for the Obama-Biden camp.

Don't buy into the contrarian bullshit being spewed by Drudge Report the right-wing nutter Zogby polls. They're highly suspect. (Though I admit to enjoying some of the more frivolous news stories on DR.)

Keep your eye on for the latest projections. I just hope this holds.