Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beverly Hills Teens

"Come live your fantasy in Beverly Hills..."

Fair enough, some may think I'm hung up on nostalgia. But it's all this junk that I ingested growing up that keeps me going. Reminds me of those early sparks of inspiration. That childlike sense of excitement that suggests, You are about to experience something amazing.

Even if it may seem like tripe in hindsight, I can still remember how I saw it as a kid.

Which brings us to "Beverly Hills Teens".

I never really cared for the actual show, but I loved that opening. Complete with the musical riff it ripped off from "Purple Rain".

The idea of "Beverly Hills" really was this childlike 80s fantasy. Being filthy rich was almost like having a super-power. I wonder how actual rich Beverly Hills kids saw this show back then.

Oh, I bet they were rotten...