Monday, May 19, 2008

Cockaboody Confessional

Over two years ago, I posted an entry trying to find this old animated short I remembered from my childhood called "Cacaboody". My sister and I watched this about a billion times on HBO. They used to run short films between features in something they called "HBO Short Take". (You can watch the intro HERE.)

"Cacaboody", from my memory, concerned two little sisters who are talking and loosely making up a story as they go. Even that suggests more of a narrative than there really was. It sounded like two little girls were recorded playing and someone created an animation on top of their natural, unscripted conversation.

From memory.

Of course, I misspelled the title in the entry I wrote, which made it infinitely harder to hunt down...

... but eventually, I found it.

From John & Faith Hubley.

Watch it, even if you wouldn't normally:

The Hubley's work has been around. The most recent notable contribution being the animation for the great Hedwig & the Angry Inch movie.