Saturday, January 30, 2016

Children of Blister Hills

Instead of a normal birthday gathering this year, I had an informal reading of some new work. Piece of a new play I've been kicking around for a while called "Children of Blister Hills". It was a completely cold reading, the actors discovering the characters as they read the words aloud, so it was suitably rough around all edges — but I could also hear how it comes together.

I could hear the actors finding and understanding their characters.

I could feel how and where the narrative pulls the audience closer.

Through the roughness of this cold read... I could see the sparks of life in this new play. I'm sort of shocked that I haven't had a reading of my work in YEARS. It's not that difficult to assemble a reading but it just makes a world of difference to hear and see the work beyond playing it in your head infinitely.

There is more to this. More to come. I feel good about this play. It feels like a fresh beginning.